Most Popular Island in the World

Most Popular Island in the World

1. Bali Island in Indonesia

Bali is a beautiful island cherished for its dense tropical forest and volcanic mountains, beaches, coral reefs and lush rice paddy fields. The island has its own distinct culture and also it is the only Hindu majority providence in Indonesia. In the tourism front millions of tourists visit the island. Key tourist locations in Bali are Kuta also famous for its beach, Seminyak, Sanur, Ubud, Jimbaran and the recently built Nusa Dua and Pecatu.

  • Area: 5,780 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: July–August

2. Bora Bora Island in French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a tiny island in South Pacific Ocean close to Tahiti in French Polynesia. Shallow azure sea water surrounded by sand-fringed motus and protected coral reef attract water adventures from across the globe. It is a popular luxury destination featuring seaside resorts and bungalows standing over the water on stilts. Mt. Otemanu a dormant volcano also forms a great key major attraction.

  • Area: 30.55 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: July-September

3. Santorini Island

Santorini is a beautiful island located in the southern Aegean Sea. The town is famed for its beautiful city of Fira and Oia. These two cities make for an incredible experience. Both of them are situated on the cliffs close to the sea offering a panoramic view of the sea, and numerous small islands and beaches.

  • Area: 76.19 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: June–September

4. Tahiti Island in French Polynesia

Tahiti island in French Polynesia is the largest, in the South Pacific archipelago. The island divided into Tahiti Nui and Tahitit Iti and resembles the numerical figure eight. It is a popular beach destination featuring spectacular black sand beaches, waterfalls, lagoons, and two extinct volcanoes. Unwind the majestic landscape and make your escape a wonderful experience.

  • Area: 1,044 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: June–September

5. Maui Island in Hawaii

Maui Island located in Central Pacific is part of the Hawaiian archipelago. The island’s sprawling Haleakala National Park features Haleakala volcano, the island’s higest peak, spectacular waterfalls and poos and all that can be easily accessed by the incredible Hana Highways. The island has 30 miles of beach and featuring prominent beaches of Kaanapali and Hookipa. The famous Tropical Iao Valley located in the West Maui Mountains is perfect for hiking, waterfalls and swimming holes.

  • Area: 1,884 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: May–August

6. Kauai Island

Kauai Island situated in the Central Pacific is also the part of the Hawaiian archipelago. Nicknamed as “the Garden Isle” due to the dense blanket of tropical rainforest. The destination has been famous amongst the Hollywood film makers. Its cliffs and pinnacles of Na Pali Coast has served backdoor for key Hollywood films. Again an incredible island and perfect to add to the bucket list.

  • Area: 1,430 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: May–August

7. Capri Island

Capri Island situated in Italy’s Bay of Naples is cherished for its rugged landscape, luxury hotels and to designer shops and handmade leather sandals. Out of its many natural attractions, the Blue Grotto cave is the most famous as the sea glows electric blue, die the result of sunlight passing through the underwater cave. The island’s cove decked coastline attracts a range of tourists and yachts.

  • Area: 10.4 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: May–September

8. Palawan Island

Palawan located in the Palawan Province in western Philippines is a gem of an island. It is hailed for exotic wildlife, quite fishing village and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Puerto Princesa, the capital city is cherished for its Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. The Honda Bay Island off the coast is peppered with beautiful resorts. Out in the open Sulu Sea, Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park has reefs burgeoning with marine life.

  • Area: 12,188.6 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: December–May

9. Moorea-Maiao, French Polynesia

Mo’orea located in South Pacific Island is also part of French Polynesia’s Society Island archipelago. Jagged volcanic mountains and incredible beaches decorate the beautiful island. To the north, Mount Rotui offers sweeping view of the Ōpūnohu Bay and Cook’s Bay. The slopes of Mount Tohivea attracts hikers and trekkers.

  • Area: 141.8 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: May and October

10. Hvar Island in Croatia

Hvar Island located in the Adriatic Sea is a Croatian Island cherished for its summer resort. The port town of Hvar includes the 13th century walls, the Renaissance-era Hvar Cathedral located at the main square and hilltop fortress. Prime beaches are Dubovica and Iavender fields perfect for a memorable photo option. In proximity the Pakleni islands have beautiful secluded beaches and hidden coves.

  • Area: 297.37 km²
  • Best Time to Visit: June-September

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