Best Places to Visit in the World in May 2019

Visit Western Australia

Explore the best places to visit in May 2019 in the World to enjoy your holiday in summer and plan your trip.


Visit Borneo

For adventure and tranquil seeker, Borneo is the place to plan a perfect vacation in May. Trek your way to some of the largest caves to see the migration of wrinkle bats. The Mulu National Park and adrenaline hike to the Pinnacles, while encountering the orangutans and proboscis monkeys is like an icing on the cake.

Prague, Czech Republic

Visit Prague

Prague in Czech Republic really comes alive in May to get itself ready for the arrival of the summer. Besides, its urban gardens and imposing architecture, the city is also hailed for its electrifying party scene. The Spring Music Festival from May 12 to June 4 makes it perfect to visit the destination in May.

Memphis, Tennessee

Visit Memphis, Tennessee

In May a visit to Memphis means you are here for a party with so many festive celebrations in the month. The Beale Street Music Festival from May 3-5 and the signature event called Memphis in May make a holiday to this city an unforgettable affair.

Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica

In May Costa Rica comes alive, as the month is known as the “Green Season” with thick and lush jungles. It is the time of the year to see a range of wildlife such as the sea turtles, Humpback whales and more. Also, must see the Tabacon Thermal Resort while enjoying the huge discounts in hotel prices.

Cayman Islands

Visit Cayman Islands

If you like to enjoy and be a part of a ravishing carnival then Cayman Island is the place to enjoy a vacation in May. This is the place to leave your all worries and experience the best vacation of your life in one of the Caribbean beautiful islands. Flights are cheaper and if you are relay planning for a cool escape then this place is definitely for you.

Porto, Portugal

Visit Porto, Portugal

Porto is fast becoming a top-notch tourist destination amongst the wanderers. It is a small coastal city most popular for its incredibly fresh seafood and spectacular beaches. Visitors here could also enjoy a river cruise ride down the Douro River Valley. May is the best time to visit and explore this stunning city when the flowers are blossoming coupled with a cool sea breeze.

Western Australia

Visit Western Australia

This part of Australia in the month of May attracts visitors from across the globe. Various festivals and events take place in May, the famous being the Moondyne Festiva, on May 5th, Whale Shark Festival in Exmouth from May 24-27 and more. Plus, the region is perfect to enjoy the delicious seafood, and indulge in thrilling sea adventure activities.

US Virgin Island

Visit US Virgin Island

The US Virgin Island easily makes the list of holiday destinations to visit in May. St. Thomas the historic district is famed for its restaurants and beautiful beaches. In St. Croix explore the beautiful history, beaches, and excellent food scene.

Stockholm, Sweden

Visit Stockholm, Sweden

There is no better time to visit Stockholm than in May. It is the time when the sun starts to shine more in the day perfect to enjoy and explore the city. The month of May is the ideal time to sit out and enjoy coffee at a restaurant or visit the parks to see flowers blossom.

Monaco and Cannes, French Riviera

Monaco and Cannes, French Riviera

It is a tiny country located in the Mediterranean coast’s French Riviera is known for its wealth lifestyle, upscale shopping boutiques, and fine dining options. It is the destination of rich and famous people where they indulge in some of the finest luxuries. May is the best time to attend the Monaco Grand Prix from May 23-26.

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