Best Things to do in Sydney & Best Time to Visit in Sydney

Best Things to do in Sydney

Sydney famed for its harbour front Sydney Opera House is also one of the largest cities in Australia. It is also the capital of New South Wales and famed for its cosmopolitan culture. The city dotted with multicultural dining options including the celebrity chef operated restaurants. It is a great destination to enjoy a holiday with your friends and family. Key tourist attractions are Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife Sydney Zoo and Taronga Zoo home to various indigenous and exotic animals such as koalas, sharks, snakes and kangaroos. Massive Darling Harbor and…

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Best Time to Visit in Turkey and Best Things to Do in Turkey

Best Things to do in Turkey

Turkey sandwiched between Western Asian and Easter Europe shares cultural connections with some of the most ancient civilizations in the world. The country has been constantly in touch with Persian, Roman, Greeks, Ottoman and Byzantine empires. Due to this its cities and people showcase a concoction of numerous culture through their cuisines, ancient buildings, and souks. Istanbul, the cosmopolitan city located on the Bosphorus Strait is a perfect example of the mixture of different culture and traditions. Key attractions are Hagia Sophia, 17th century Blue Mosque, and the circa-1460 Topkapi…

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Best Places to Visit in the World in June

Best Places to Visit in June in the World

June marks the beginning of summers. It is the month when the sun starts shining brightly and there is plenty of day time to explore the outdoors. So, if you are ready to explore the world, we bring you ten best destinations one must visit in the month of June. Seychelles Seychelles a spectacular country entirely made of archipelago attracts travelers from around the world. The country is cherished for its incredible beaches and an awesome tropical ambiance. Also, its luxurious beachside resorts and capital city make it one of…

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Best Places to Visit in the World in May 2019

Visit Western Australia

Explore the best places to visit in May 2019 in the World to enjoy your holiday in summer and plan your trip. Borneo For adventure and tranquil seeker, Borneo is the place to plan a perfect vacation in May. Trek your way to some of the largest caves to see the migration of wrinkle bats. The Mulu National Park and adrenaline hike to the Pinnacles, while encountering the orangutans and proboscis monkeys is like an icing on the cake. Prague, Czech Republic Prague in Czech Republic really comes alive in…

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Best Time to Visit Macau: Best Things to do in Macau

Visit Macau

Macau nicknamed as the “Las Vegas of Asia” is an autonomous region located on the south coast of China. An erstwhile Portuguese territory until 1999, it manifests an amalgamation of cultural influences. The Coastal Strip of the city is dotted with casinos and malls, and the strip also joins the Island of Taipa and Coloane. The Macau Tower offers a panoramic view of the city. The Historic center of the city is dotted with narrow alleyways, vibrant colorful colonial homes, and grand Senado Square. The remnants of St. Paul make…

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Best Time to Visit Hong Kong: Best Things to do in Hong Kong

Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong an erstwhile British Colony is also an autonomous territory in south-eastern China. The city landscape is punctuated by skyline and its urban center is a global financial hub with the major port. It’s business district area features major architectural landmarks such as I.M. Pei’s Bank of China Tower. Hong Kong has also developed into a major shopping destination and the popular Temple Street Night Market. Hollywood Road in Western District, dotted with antique shops and Man Mo Temple, dedicated to the gods of literature and war. Victoria Peak…

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Best Time to Visit Thailand: Best Things to do in Thailand

Visit Thailand

Thailand hailed for its spectacular beaches, regal palaces and ancient remnants with beautiful ornate temple exhibiting various figures of Buddha.  It is a Southeast Asian country displaying an amalgamation of old and new world. It’s capital city Bangkok is an ultra-modern city cherished for its skyscrapers along with traditional houses with historic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple. Not just its cities, but also its beach resorts of Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin make sit for a perfect beach holiday getaway. Its offshore islands of…

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Best Time to Visit Singapore: Best Things to do in Singapore

Visit Singapore

Singapore is a Southeast Asian island city-state off southern Malaysia is an ultramodern city and global financial city. The cosmopolitan city features a vibrant multicultural society showcasing its rich heritage and culture. It is a tiny city, yet there is so much to explore with every corner of Singapore ornate with modern day marvelous, parks and zoo. The Marine Bay Sands an ultra modern complex featuring futuristic design buildings and Sky Park rises 200 meters in elevation offering an incredible view of the city. Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios…

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Best Time to visit Maldives: Best Things to do in Maldives

visit Maldives

The Maldives is a beautiful island nation made of 26 ring-shaped atolls.  The island nation is located in the Indian Ocean which is made up of more than 1000 coral islands. It is considered a tropical paradise with beaches, blue lagoons, and reefs. The capital city Male is famed for its vibrant fish market, shops, and restaurants. The 17th-century Hukuru Miskiy also known as Friday Mosque is made of carved white coral. The magnificent island allures adventurers from across the world to take part in various water sports activities. It…

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Best time to visit Sri Lanka: Best Things to do in Sri Lanka

visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka an Island nation earlier known as Ceylon is located to the south of Indian Ocean.  Its varied terrain stretches from rainforest to highlands, arid plans, and spectacular sandy beaches. The country is famed for its ancient Buddhist remnants such as the 5th-century citadel Sigiriya featuring beautiful palaces and frescoes. Anuradhapura, the ancient capital of Sri Lanka is filled with numerous ruins dating back to more than 2,000 years. Colombo, the modern-day capital city of Sri Lanka is famed for its amalgamation of ancient heritage and culture. The city…

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